#WhatIsEnough in San Bernardino

by Mohammad Hoda

This write up changed drastically after the recent shooting in San Bernardino. Not just because it pretty much happened in my backyard but because of the fact that it happened. I am not going to in to the details of what happened and the holes in the story that authorities and media are presenting. The question I have been asking myself for past few days is What is enough? When is it enough? Was it not enough that kids died in Sandy Hook, is it not enough that we have had 355 mass shootings in US this year.  Is it not enough that my wife who wears a hijab hasn’t left home in a week because she fears for her life and her kids? Is it not enough that many we are being robbed of our spirituality by blaming religion? Is it not enough that normal families fall into deep sorrow for life after a gun incident? Is it not enough that a mother loses her child? Is the number of black lives taken by cops not enough? Is the number of people taken off planes for their looks or language not enough?

What is enough? When is it going to be enough. I know I have had enough.

Yesterday was tough. Talking to kids about their reaction to San Bernardino Shootings. A father told story of this son in FIRST grade.

The kids had all gone to the library and for some odd reason the librarian started asking who celebrates Christmas and what their religion was. Most kids raised hands that they celebrate Christmas. Then he asked who celebrated Diwali, another kid raised hand. Now, this one kid was left out. He told his dad, he was sulking that he would be asked next and no one would be his friend once he answered. The librarian then asked him, and the boy replied, ” I am Muslim” . His fear had become real. All the kids stared at him and no one wanted to be his friend.

Thank you Trump, Murdoch, Baghdadi and all you bigoted morons who not only judge people based on some random label but create an environment where first graders learn to behave like this and be scared.

Every and any form of bigotry is simply dumb.

Later that day, younger brother of the same boy asked his dad, Would he still get a gift from Santa even though he didn’t believe in him?

‪#‎itsafirstgraderman‬ #‎whatisenough‬

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